Collaborations / Commissions


Ongoing collaboration spearheaded by choreographer Masha Gurina and a fabulous core team of talented dancers, graphic designers, musicians. “Aldeas means ‘Cities,’ or ‘Villages,' in Spanish. The new work explores my favourite subject: the process of transformation which happens to us, 'global citizens' - as we leave our families, home towns, move to different places, absorb new influences, become part of new communities, develop new identities and become 'something else' - and in that, also become our new true selves.”


Documentary collaboration with Susann Tischendorf. A multi-visual series featuring 16 individuals around the world. Each chapter includes interviews, documents, archival material and documentary photos bringing each subject’s personal story to life on identity, migration, and belonging in a globalised world.

Fragile Strings (working title)

An ongoing collaboration with visual artist Kat Geng. A visual essay on the reunion of an adoptee and her birth mother in Bogota, 40 years in the making. (Title from “The Serenade” by José Asunción Silva)

San Francisco

Bringing the neighborhoods of San Francisco to life. Commissioned assignment by Airbnb.