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 Selected Exhibitions & Publications

2019   Eyes on Main Street Photo Festival, Wilson NC

2018   Solo exhibition: "Projected," International Center of Photography Museum (ICP), New York City

2018    "Neues Echtheit", 48H Neukölln, Berlin

2018   BBC News: "The 150-Year Old Story of Sri Lankan Tea-Making"

2017   "Shadows," Prachtwerk, Berlin

2017  Roads & Kingdoms: "The High Priestess Will See You Now"

2017  Resource Travel: "High Priestess in Bali"

2016  Chai Khana, "Upstarts & Startups: Visions of Georgia's Future"

2016  Borrowlenses feature: "Street Photography for the Shy" 

2016  The San Francisco Chronicle, History Days 

2015  Hoodline: "Getting to Know Haight Street Kids"