Portrait by  Shannon Laliberte

Portrait by Shannon Laliberte

“I visually illustrate themes of identity and belonging, one story at a time.”



Growing up in a safe, unremarkable suburb in America to traditional Korean parents, my first two decades were a foregone conclusion: I attended Johns Hopkins University intending to study medicine, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master of Science in Biotechnology. My professional career has instead taken me all over the map, beginning with cancer research to vaccine development, customer support, community management, marketing, web design, and copywriting. Photography was the only constant throughout this complex journey.


My early narratives sought to illustrate the stability that I lacked in my own life: stories of religion, culture, and tradition in countries known to have deep roots in history. But I found myself increasingly drawn to the unique characters who lived on the fringes of society, breaking the expected mould. I realised the significance of this recurring element, particularly in today’s globalised environment of artificial borders, rapid technology and economic shifts. I now dedicate my career to giving visual voice to these characters who reflect so much about ourselves, myself, and our changing world. 


My recent work has been shared by publications such as the BBC, Leica Fotografie International (LFI), and the San Francisco Chronicle, and I actively pursue opportunities that promote greater communication on identity topics. I split my time between Berlin, Germany and the USA.