#DisruptJ20 Protest in Berlin / by Schmoo Theune

On Friday, January 20th, 2017, political activists from dozens of German and International organizations rallied together in Berlin to protest the encroachment of far right politics around the world. Around 650 supporters met in front of the Alternativ für Deutschland Berlin office, then marched through the streets and met an additional 400-500 supporters waiting at the Brandenburg Gate. 

It was a peaceful protest organized by The Coalition Berlin, but bursting with emotion. The hundreds of attendees chanted for the protection of progress across many issues such as climate change, sexual and ethnic diversity, gender equality, religious freedom, and much more. 

The media is busy covering such rallies this weekend that are happening across the United States and in 600+ marches worldwide, and many of those images will be feature the placards, banners, and motivational speakers.

Here's my take.