About Schmoo

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Schmoo Theune is an American photographer dedicated to the observation of cultures around the world. After earning a Masters of Science in Biotechnology, she discovered a fascination for documenting the details that differentiate human lives across countries, between cities, and within neighborhoods. 

An avid community activist, she firmly believes in the power of visual storytelling for achieving greater understanding between people.

She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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About 'Upstarts'

An ongoing series about entrepreneurship in various cities around the world. In particular, how the entrepreneurial spirit manifests challenging environments, such as in cultures defined by traditional, ancient practices and those that resist change.

About 'Grey Area' 

At 74, my father sustained a head injury that rendered him blind. This project aims to document the struggle of adapting to severe disability late in life, the issue of vulnerability, and to illuminate the path to accepting help in a deeply traditional Korean culture.

About 'Street Kids'

San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood has strong roots in rebellion, art, and love. Its location and history have caused it to become one of the key stops for nomadic homeless youth. Creative, complex, but mistrustful, this project looks into their lifestyle.

Selected Exhibitions & Publications

2005  Gothic Beauty Magazine #17: House of Vamp feature

2006  Capitol Arts Network juried exhibition, Washington DC, honorable mention

2007  Exhibition and benefit, Lo Fi Social, Baltimore

2013  Lightroom Magazine #6: Featured photographer

2015  Hoodline: "Getting to Know Haight Street Kids"

2016  The San Francisco Chronicle, History Days

2016  AirBnB Guidebooks: San Francisco

2016  Momenta Workshops - Instagram feature

2016  Borrowlenses feature: "Street Photography for the Shy"

2016  Chai Khana, "Upstarts & Startups: Visions of Georgia's Future"

2017  Resource Travel: "High Priestess in Bali"

2017  Roads & Kingdoms: "The High Priestess Will See You Now"